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extra virgin olive oil

Fresh from the olive grove.

As soon as you taste our certified organic extra virgin olive oil you'll understand the difference.

Adds exceptional to any dish.

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Table olives done right.

Prepared in homemade brine with the finest herbs and spices, our Agrinion, Cracked Green, and Kalamata olives are all the rave.

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The sweetest thing. Think again.

Collected from bees feeding on fir trees at high elevations, our certified organic elatomelo or fir honey is creamy and aromatic without added sugars.

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Our vinegar's got punch.

Loaded with aroma and flavour, our certified organic real wine and balsamic vinegars are aged to perfection without any added sugars or preservatives.

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Harsh soaps are a thing of the past.

Our castile soap is handmade with certified organic olive oil and nothing else. Forget added moisturizers and scents, our soap is hypo-allergenic and great for all skin types.

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Eat well. Live well.

Filled with Greek family treasures, and dishes by thirteen of Canada's top chefs, From the Olive Grove cookbook is a kitchen staple. Written by Basil Olive Oil Products' own Helen and Anastasia Koutalianos. Published by Arsenal Pulp Press (2010).

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Health Matters.

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Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Basil Olive Oil Products

Beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

From the Koroneiki olive groves of Greece's Peloponnese region comes Golden Olive Eleni®: our certified organic extra virgin olive oil. Produced by Basil Olive Oil Products Limited, Golden Olive Eleni® is in a league of its own. Having won countless awards for colour, flavour and aroma, this olive oil is well-loved by foodies and chefs alike. Our olives are hand picked and first/cold-pressed to ensure the freshest olive oil possible. This is a product of certified organic farming and has not been blended or adulterated. No additives, preservatives, sulphates or artificial flavours or colours have been added. 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil is a harvest product and is at its best when it is fresh and full of aroma and flavour. Consume your olive oil within one to two years of its harvest date.

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Organic Olives

The Tastiest Olives.

Our olive products come from Greece, and have been carefully chosen to provide the perfect balance between great taste and good health.

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100% Certified Organic.

We do not use any chemicals on our farm or during our production. Rather, we champion healthy choices and promote sustainability through organic farming.

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James Walt, Executive Chef, Araxi Restaurant
"I started using Basil Olive Oil about 3 years ago and to this day I am still shocked at the pure flavor and the true essence of the olive that this oil has."
James Walt - Executive Chef
Araxi Restaurant, Whistler
alain leger
"I've been using the Eleni Golden Olive Oil for years now in all the restaurants I've worked in. I love the taste of the earth, and the very enjoyable freshness that comes through. You can't compare it to anything else on the market, it is truly one of a kind."
Alain Léger, Executive Chef
Canoe Brewpub Restaurant, Victoria
"I rarely use brand names on my dining room menus, but every once in a while a chef is fortunate enough to come across a product so outstanding. Basil Olive Oil products are a cut above the rest and a true enhancement of my cuisine!"
Ralf Spodzieja - Executive Chef
Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community
"It's been a great pleasure to use your Olive Oil over the years. After tasting some many different oils, yours is truly remarkable. Simply over fresh greens or fish it adds another dimension either in a professional kitchen or at home. "
David Hawksworth
Hawksworth Restaurant, Hotel Georgia
"As chefs representing Canada in international culinary competitions as well as providing the best quality products to our customers, using Basil Olive Oil Products is a natural fit. We appreciate your dedication to quality as well as to your customers."
Christopher Mills
Canadian Bocuse d'Or Candidate 2001

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Olive Oil Cookbook

From the Olive Grove
Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

A wonderful combination of Greek classics, treasured family recipes, and some wonderful recipes as supplied by the chefs who use our olive oil.
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Did you know?
Prevents Calcium Loss
Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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