Our Reduce Reuse Recycle Program

Refillable 30, 15, 10 litre Stainless Steel Container

Olive Oil ContainerThis container was produced and certified under the ISO 9001 standards. Production of these stainless steel containers is revolutionary technology that perfects the seamless finishing technique. The manufacturer guarantees this product to be of the highest quality stainless steel, specifically developed to eliminate bacterial growth and guarantee its hygienic application with olive oil and wine. The container was developed to hermetically seal to eliminate air and light. For this reason it is used in the storage of wine and olive oil. The container has a faucet for easy access to the olive oil both economical and convenient to dispense.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: cost is a one time expense for the container, that you will use over and over again. A significant cost saving in time, waste, bottles and energy.
  • Beautifully designed with handles for easy carrying
  • Good seal and screw on top eliminates air and light
  • Easy transportation of liquid, sit flat and steady
  • Saves on bottles and corks
  • Stainless Steel is Easy to clean and sterilize with little effort
  • other uses of the stainless steel containers water dispenser
  • Beverage, wine or punch server at picnics or parties
  • Used in Europe for storing wine, olive oil, and honey

Our refillable Stainless Steel Container, reduces the cost of packaging and gives you the best quality product Single Estate Golden Olive EleniĀ® certified organic extra virgin olive oil directly to our customer. You benefit by having the optimum way to dispense Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in Stainless Steel, while it protects the oil from air and light as well as giving our customer the opportunity to save on each purchase. This is not a new idea, the old Greek way of supplying the Current Year Harvest.


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