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Almost a dozen years ago we set out to spread the word to British Columbians on the health benefits and qualities of extra virgin olive oil. From the onset, we were set apart from the competition given that we offered locals the real deal: first press, Golden Olive Eleni® cold press certified organic extra virgin olive oil from our single estate.

It wasn’t easy though. But over the years we gained the trust of our customers and built up a solid reputation in the food and restaurant industry in Vancouver and throughout Canada. By showcasing our products at local markets and trade shows, we have answered your questions on olive oil adulteration, quality and prices.  We have educated our customer and now you know ‘you get what you pay for’.

In the past two years packaging, material, transportation and energy costs have increased, coupled with currency devaluations. Anything that comes to Canada from overseas, especially Europe, comes with a 10% to 20% extra price tag to the small distributor. Our prices, however, have remained stable but in times of economic hardship, customers and businesses are shifting to cheaper seed oils. Oddly you would be surprised that some seed oils are at par or even more expensive than extra virgin olive oil! Olive oil is no longer a luxury food; it is affordable and worth every penny when fresh and newly harvested.

After all these years we will have a new 500 ml bottle for the olive oil.  Glass manufacturers are reducing their stock and range of bottles, and will only produce on large orders for a few customers—this among so many other challenges of the current recession. Look out for our new Anfora bottle in the coming weeks and months. It’s very elegant.

The early harvest for the manaki variety started this year in late October. The month brought with it heavy rains, but no complaints...Within three weeks the olives were double in size! At higher elevations, where we were harvesting, the temperature did drop to 5 Celsius but the crop was still excellent. The olives were healthy and the aroma superb during the pressing at the olive mill. This is where the reward is felt.

Working in the olive grove is a spiritual experience in and of itself.

From the fresh air, the landscape and the lack of the city’s noises and stress, people singing, it’s pure insight into simpler days.  Once the olives are ready to be picked, it’s celebration time! It’s true what they say, if you love what you do it’s blessed and never fails....

In 2010 we will introduce two new certified organic products: fir tree vanilla honey and traditionally-made wine vinegar. Produced on Mount Mainalon (in the Peloponnese region of Greece), fir tree vanilla honey is a rarity. Free of thermal processing and low in glucose content, the vanilla honey remains intact and never crystallizes; it also acts as a diuretic, anti-septic and anti-anaemic. This unique honey is certified organic by the Greek certifying body (DIO) a [protected product of origin] & certification is to the Canadian organic standards. For more information on fir tree vanilla honey, we will have more information soon on

Did you know that the majority of vinegars sold in stores are not made from grapes? In fact, manufacturers use a variety of chemicals to produce them! So we decided to introduce real wine vinegar to the marketplace.  As traditional as it gets, the vinegar is made from grapes crushed in the traditional way.  When the acid fermentation begins the juice and mash of the grapes are transferred to stainless steel tanks. (Later the content is placed in oak barrels where the vinegar takes on a unique taste & aroma.) I am convinced the quality of this certified organic product will be great news to all vinegar lovers out there.

We would like to hear from you.  It is a challenge to find real unprocessed food.  But for us, success is not measured in dollars but in community contribution...and the satisfaction of giving something of value to the public. 

Our family, Helen and I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Healthy Happy and Prosperous New Year.

From the Olive Grove

Basil Koutalianos

Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd.


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