Are The Cloudy Days Over?

When we are going through difficulties, we often think the heavenly forces have abandoned us, or are indifferent to our crises. But like all struggles, it is more of a test than disregard, to ensure we have the skills to go forward with patience, as we review and correct our own errors.

The working class in Greece is going through such despair. City folks are questioning how they will survive wages reductions, pension cuts—and this new era, where rights are a thing of the past. What is the reason for this all? To cut costs. Plain and simple. Average Joes, businesses, and countries must lower their debts. The system is by no means perfect. And neither are we.

And with such challenges, comes change. The young and educated are heading abroad. The brain drain of an entire nation. Some have decided to leave the cities and return to the village, to harvest the farms of their families. While this back-to-basics way of life is commendable, buying power is at a minimum, as prices remain low. Banks are not lending, farmers are struggling to sell their products, people are counting their pennies. In many parts of Greece, tons of lemons and oranges are left on the tree, rotting, as the cost of harvesting exceeds any possible profit.

But from great despair comes great hope. Perhaps it is time for the Greek people, and farmers, to be more conscientious, honest and protective of the environment—and return to the simpler ways of life: organic, small batches, sell locally, then look to the world. Together, we can do it.

Greece produces some of the best olive oil in the world. As a culture rooted in rich history and great determination and courage—better days are just around the corner.

Despite the world’s craziness, our olive harvest this year was excellent. Our acidity levels are 0.28 percent—well below the 0.8 rating needed to qualify as extra virgin. For pictures from our November 2011 harvest, click here

From The Olive Grove
Basil Koutalianos


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From the Olive Grove
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Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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