Olive Trees Cannot Be Forced

Olive Trees Cannot Be Forced

While I was visiting with a friend in Greece, we had a conversation. He was speaking about the olive tree, it cannot be forced. I asked, what do you mean? He replied: Every other tree in order to produce more every year, you prune, fertilize, water it and do anything necessary to get a larger and better crop. This does not work with olive trees. It will give whatever it wants and whenever it wants.

This year every part of Greece olive trees was loaded with olives. It is a beauty to behold. I cannot describe adequately in words I call the olive trees 'brides'. It is exactly how beautiful the bride is during the wedding. That is how I see them. The truth is I am in love with the olive trees. I take hundreds of pictures each time because I see something different in each one. Some look happy, others smiling, others are changing colour and all of them salute and wait for us to harvest their fruit in order to produce the liquid gold.

We started and finished the harvest without any problems. Good crop, good quality, acidity recorded at .031%. All was good thank God.

We are still here, we are healthy and we wish the same to all of you. We thank you for your support, as we bring our passion and purpose to provide you with real fresh olive oil.

This year we are introducing our new product Cretan Sultana Raisins. A certified organic product of Greece, that is exclusive to Greece. No one else produces organic sultana raisins. Visit our website www.basiloliveoil.com to read about the benefits.

From the olive grove,

Basil Koutalianos


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