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If it is true that to be successful, you must be passionate about what you do, then the producer of Basil Olive Oil Products is well on its way. Basil Koutalianos, director and namesake of the company, travels twice yearly to his family olive estate in Peloponnesos, Greece, near the city of Olympia, to oversee production. During the fall, he ensures the olives are at the perfect harvest stage before being brought in, which is critical to the organoleptic quality. The olives are then pressed to produce the Golden Olive Eleni certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

"We currently have our product in high-end delis, such as the Urban Fare, Capers, and Meinhardt's," says Helen Koutalianos, president. "They're very supportive because they know we deliver the real thing. We also date our products, so that everyone can see when it was harvested, and when it is at its peak of freshness. That's when the nutrients, flavour, aroma and colour are at their best." Basil Olive Oil Products imports only their current year harvest and guarantees the oil for two years.

When the oil has lost its flavour and aroma, the company hand-makes Golden Olive Anastasia extra virgin olive oil moisturizing soap. "It's been very well received by our customers, especially those with skin sensitivities," says Helen.

Taken From:
Chefs Online
Hospitality Today, November 2000


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