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I spoke with Helen Koutalianos who together with her husband Basil, produce and distribute Golden Olive 'Eleni'® certified organic extra virgin olive oil in British Columbia.

The Koutalianos family owns a 1000 tree olive grove in Greece and had been bringing back new pressing of their oil each year for the personal use. As a retirement project they decided to turn their passion into a business and founded Basil Olive Oil to distribute their oil to local consumers and restaurants.

Golden Olive 'Eleni'® is made from the Koroneiki olive variety and are picked early to obtain the best flavour and aroma and to preserve the most antioxidant. "Olive oil should be used as a fresh as possible to get the best flavour, and aroma and health benefits," says Helen Koutalianos. "We date each bottle with the year of the harvest so consumers will know just how fresh our olive oil is. In Greece, familes typically will use around 60 litres of oil a year and buy their whole year's supply at once."

Golden Olive 'Eleni'® is certified organic, deep green in colour, with a fresh "green" taste that is aromatic and almost grassy. It comes in a beautiful urn shaped glass bottle and is available in specialty food stores around B.C. Restaurants can also buy it by the case.

In addition to olive oil, Helen and Basil Koutalianos also produce a rich balsamic style vinegar from Corinthian currants raisins and a line of soaps and beauty products made from their olive oil.


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