Certified Organic Table Olives

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The olive is a fruit that cannot be consumed directly from the tree; it must be prepared in order to remove any bitterness it may have. To do this, we use our family recipes and naturally cure the olives in a sea salt brine.

Note: It takes over two months to naturally cure olives in a sea salt brine. Commercially-made olives are often cured in record time using caustic soda which destroys both the flavour and nutrients of the olives. Taste ours and you'll understand the difference.

We carry the following three certified organic table olives: Kalamata, Green Cracked and Agrinion.

Golden Olive Vassiliki® Kalamata Olives

The Kalamata olive is the royalty of all Greek olives. Handpicked, it is only produced in Kalamata and the southwestern region of the Peloponnese in Greece. Our Kalamata olives are arid and are grown at high elevations. This means the olives are not watered and remain firm with a slight bitterness for which the olive is famous.

Our Vassiliki® Kalamata olives are prepared using our family recipe. First the olives are soaked in water over a number of days to remove the fruit's excessive bitterness. The olives are then added to a sea salt brine, and are cured with wine vinegar.


Golden Olive Vassiliki® Green Cracked Olives

Our Green Cracked olives are produced in the southwest Peloponnese region of Greece. These olives are prized for their unique taste and their accompaniment to any dish. We cure the Green Cracked olives with lemon and anise in a sea salt brine.

Golden Olive Vassiliki® Agrinion Olives

Agrinion olives are big plump olives from the Agrinion region of Greece. They are both flavourful and colourful—a true feast for the eyes! Our Agrinion olives are cured in a sea salt brine with celery and lemon. We carry two types of Agrinion olives: Jewel [Brown] and Green [Rare]. The difference between the two is their harvest date. The Jewel (or Brown) Agrinion olive is picked when it is fully ripe, or brown in colour; the Green (or Rare) Agrinion olive is picked from the tree when it is young and still green, which makes it a firmer olive.



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