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Golden Olive Evangeline® Certified Organic Corinthian Currant Raisins

organic-raisinsOur Corinthian currant raisins are produced and harvested in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Here, the soil, climate and traditional methods of cultivation make these currants special.

First and foremost, our Corinthian currant raisins are certified organic. We do not spray or chemically fertilize our vines. Secondly, our currant raisins are sun-dried (or sun blessed as we call it) and not dehydrated. This makes it so the currant raisins are sweet and plump without any added sugars or sweeteners. You can taste the sunshine in every currant raisin!

Wonderful in baking, salads and any recipe for that matter.

Our certified organic Corinthian currant raisins are available in bulk 12.5 kg boxes. For more information, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Cretan organic Sultana Raisins 200g box

Cretan-Sultana-RaisinsGreek Cretan Sultana raisins have a distinct sweet flavour boasting a hint of vanilla. They are also valued for their high mineral and vitamin content, including magnesium, thiamine, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folic acid, selenium and manganese.

According to the World Health Organization and Cornell University, a daily intake of raisins (approximately 84 grams) protects the body from serious illness of the large intestine. It also prevents type 2 diabetes, when eaten with nuts. Further health benefits include:
  • Reduction in bad cholesterol
  • Reduction in free radicals when eaten over sugar refreshments or substitutes
  • Protection against streptococcus bacteria due to raisins’ oleanolic acid content
  • Maintenance of strong teeth
  • Protection from osteoporosis
  • Fighting cancer of the pancreas, given raisins’ rich phenol content and the antioxidant retinol
  • High in sterols

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New Product available in March 2015 Taking orders now.
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Golden Olive ® Certified Organic Petimezi

Petimezi Grape JuicePetimezi (or sapa/vino cotto as the Italians call it) is a grape must reduction produced from certified organic heritage Mavroudi grapes. Historically, this dark syrup was used as a high calorie energy supplement and a sweetener for vinegar-based marinades. How is it made? Grape must is slowly cooked until a thick sweet syrup is reached. This lengthy process yields a complex grape flavour with a slight bitter undertone.

It contains no additives, colours or artificial flavours and is an excellent source of iron. Petimezi is wonderful in marinades or as a sugar substitute in pastries, marmalades or syrups. We blend our certified organic Petimezi with our real wine vinegar to create a sweet and sour salad dressing and add it as a topping to ice cream and yogurt. This grape must reduction can also be made into a refreshing drink (diluted with water) or drizzled on fruit, like quince, apples or pears, as an accompaniment to game meat.  


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