Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Press olives and in a few hours you'll have olive oil. Tend to your trees and land, avoid chemical sprays and pesticides, harvest the finest olives ensuring your oil is low in acidity, and you'll have great tasting certified organic extra virgin olive oil. There's a difference.

Golden Olive Eleni® Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Eleni Organic Olive Oil

Golden Olive Eleni® is certified organic extra virgin olive oil and comes from our single-estate olive grove in Greece. Tucked away in the foothills of the Peloponnese, our farm boasts over one thousand trees, and beautiful only the Mediterranean can afford. Here we produce the Koroneiki olive, a small bean-sized olive renowned for making superior olive oil.

Rather than harvesting our olives when they are ripe and black, we press our olives while they are young and green. This is referred to as the early harvest and ensures our olive oil is low in acidity (and thus, extra virgin), vivid in color, fresh tasting and full of aroma and flavour (organoleptic qualities)...making Golden Olive Eleni® unlike any other olive oil on the market.

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Certified Organic

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Golden Olive Eleni® is organically grown. We do not use any chemicals, stabilizers, preservatives or additives in our farming. Instead, we prune regularly and irrigate as needed to ensure a healthy and fruitful crop. As such, our certified organic methods contribute to the superior flavour, aroma and nutritional values of Golden Olive Eleni®.

Extra virgin olive oil is not just any olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the cream of the crop. Only olive oils with less than 0.8 acidity can call themselves extra virgin.

Quality Olive Oil

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As single-estate producers, we bring our olive oil in small batches. Unlike many supermarket brands, we produce only the best: certified organic extra virgin olive oil. We avoid using any fertilizers or sprays, and focus on quality over quantity. Our olive oil is fresh and flavourful. We pick our olives and press them within twenty-four hours, to avoid unwanted oxidation and impurities.

Unlike fine wines, olive oil does not improve with age. Our certified organic extra virgin olive oil is best consumed within two years of its harvest date. This is when our olive oil is its most aromatic, flavourful and nutritional.  For this reason, we date stamp each of our bottles with its harvest and best-before date. We stand behind our certified organic extra virgin olive oil. A simple taste test and you'll understand the difference.

Our Reduce Reuse Recycle Program

Refillable 30, 15, 10 litre Stainless Steel Container

Olive Oil ContainerThis container was produced and certified under the ISO 9001 standards. Production of these stainless steel containers is revolutionary technology that perfects the seamless finishing technique. The manufacturer guarantees this product to be of the highest quality stainless steel, specifically developed to eliminate bacterial growth and guarantee its hygienic application with olive oil and wine. The container was developed to hermetically seal to eliminate air and light. For this reason it is used in the storage of wine and olive oil. The container has a faucet for easy access to the olive oil both economical and convenient to dispense.



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Prevents Calcium Loss
Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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