certified organic olives

Our goal is to bring fresh and quality olive products to our consumers.

Our table olives are produced from certified organic single-estate farms throughout Greece. Cured in brine, these olives are unlike your supermarket finds. Here we provide the perfect balance between good taste and good for you. Wonderful for snacking, in a salad or a savoury dish.

Our olive tapenades are all-natural and boast the richness of the fruit with aromatic spices and flavours. A perfect topping on a pizza or sandwich, or as a compliment to any appetizer.

organic olives

Vassiliki® in Greek means royalty. Our Golden Olive Vassiliki® table olives are all certified organic and fit for a king! Cured in a sea salt brine, they are full of flavour with a splash of sweetness.


organic olive tapenade

A unique gourmet blend of Greek Kalamata olives, spices and extra virgin olive oil. Delicious on its own or as a spread, dip or garnish on hors-d'oeuvres. This product is 100% natural and vegetarian and does not contain any sulphates.



Olive Oil Cookbook

From the Olive Grove
Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

A wonderful combination of Greek classics, treasured family recipes, and some wonderful recipes as supplied by the chefs who use our olive oil.
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Did you know?
Prevents Calcium Loss
Olive oil promotes bone development and mineralization; studies show the more you consume the greater the benefit.
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